Relapse Prevention Group at Mile High Continuing Care

This group meets twice a week during the 16 weeks of primary treatment.

Relapse Prevention Group Mile High Continuing Care

The Relapse Prevention group is a central component of our treatment method. 

This group meets 2 times, at the beginning and end of each week during the 16 weeks of primary treatment.

Each RP group session lasts approximately 90 minutes and addresses a specific topic.

These sessions are forums in which people with substance use disorders share information about relapse prevention and receive assistance in coping with the issues of recovery and relapse avoidance.

The RP group is based on the following premises:
  • Relapse is not a random event.
  • The process of relapse follows predictable patterns.
  • Signs of impending relapse can be identified by staff members and clients.

The RP group setting allows for mutual client assistance within the guiding constraints provided by the counselor.

Clients heading toward relapse can be redirected, and those on a sound course to recovery can be encouraged.

Examples of the 32 session topics covered in the RP group include:
  • Guilt and shame
  • Staying busy
  • Motivation for recovery
  • Be smart, not strong
  • Emotional triggers

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