Family and Client Sessions

Our goal is to build a positive and helpful relationship that promotes success in recovery.

Our Family and Client Sessions

Here at Mile High Continuing Care, we believe that the most important dynamic of a client’s treatment develops from the engagement between the client and their Mile High primary counselor.

Our goal is to build a positive and helpful relationship that promotes success in recovery.

Every client will have their own personal counselor from our great staff. This person will be considered as their primary counselor through-out the complete therapy path.

For Both Family & Client

Our counselor will meet with both our client and their family members three times during the intensive phase of treatment.

The sessions will last 50 minutes each. During these sessions the counselor will also be facilitating our Early Recovery Skills and Preventing Relapse Groups.

Mid-Term Assessment

In the middle session, we will conduct a short mid-treatment assessment of the client’s progress.

This serves to address on-going crises, and to coordinate their treatment with other community resources when needed and fittingly appropriate.

It is crucial to keeping clients engaged in continued care and treatment as they process through the complete course.

Active and Focused

Our group sessions, including both the client and family members or other supportive persons, are crucial to keeping them active and focused with the positive outcomes from therapy.

Please note that the involvement of those people who are in a primary relationship with the client cannot be overestimated.

We encourage the participation of a client’s most significant family member or members in all aspects of their recovery.

Amazingly Good

When we are able to engage the client’s families into the recovery process the long-term results can be amazingly good. 

We are aware that it is critical that we stay tuned in and aware of how the recovery process affects the client’s entire family system.

Also, we will encourage and include significant family members in all parts of our client’s therapy and sessions when possible.

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