Emphasis on Early Recovery

We place a very high degree of importance on navigating the challenges of early recovery successfully.

Emphasis on Early Recovery

At Mile High Continuing Care Colorado, we place a very high degree of importance on navigating the challenges of early recovery successfully, and all of groups are centered around how to maintain recovery long-term.

Groups are two-fold in their purpose. First to address underlying contributors to use, including trauma, and mental health factors.

The second purpose is to develop a strong set of coping skills, and recovery tools to manage cravings and triggers as they arise.

You Can Change

Two fundamental messages are delivered to clients in these sessions:

First, that you can change your behavior in ways that will make it easier to stay abstinent and engage the recovery process.

Secondly, the group sessions will provide you with proven strategies and opportunities to practice them in real life terms.

Professional treatment can be one source of information and support.

To Fully Benefit  From Treatment

To benefit fully from treatment, you also need participation and support from 12-Step or mutual-help groups. We provide guidance with both.

These life skills and early recovery sessions typically involve small groups and are relatively short, usually lasting less than an hour.

Clients will attend eight Early Recovery Skills group sessions twice a week for the first month of their primary treatment. 

The therapy and the techniques used in the Early Recovery Life Skills Group sessions are behavioral in nature. They have a strong “how to” focus.

Establishing a Recovery Plan

Mile High encourages every client to engage in a mutual self-help or 12-step program while completing their treatment.

A recovery plan incorporates long-term strategies for maintaining abstinence and increasing healthy coping strategies.

Engagement in a 12-step community supports the long-term use of skills developed in group.

Clients will work weekly with their individual therapist in addition to group to continue to establish a plan for recovery that works for them.

Clients recovery plans are highly individualized, and have a strong emphasis on underlying contributors to their substance use disorder.

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